Limpopo residents call on government to give out title deeds to rural communities

The nationwide hearings are led by the Parliament’s Ad Hoc Committee on land expropriation

Government must hand out land and title deeds to people living in rural areas.

This was a call from Limpopo residents during a public hearing on the amendment of section 25 of the Constitution to allow for expropriation of land without compensation held in Polokwane, today.

The nationwide hearings are led by the Parliament’s Ad Hoc Committee on land expropriation. Unlike previously, when the process had to be abandoned due to clashes between EFF and ANC members, this time around proceedings went smoothly except for minor differences outside the hall.

Chairperson of the ANC Peter Mokaba region, John Mpe, and EFF Provincial Secretary, Jossy Bothane, defused tension, which had started between members of the two parties outside the hall. The problem started after ANC members were asked by their leaders to join their EFF counterparts next to the entrance of the hall to show a sign of unity, but some of them misunderstood that thinking that ANC members wanted to enter the hall before them. Both Buthane and Mpe had to quickly address them.

Their mission was a success as the rival parties ended up singing together.

“Sekhukhune, Sobukwe, Tambo will turn in their graves to learn that instead of us singing one song we were exchanging words because we think I must be the one too visible I am the one less visible, it is stupidity that. It was unnecessary we requested comrades to be together with the EFF members in front here so that they show that we are together, some people started reacting, we wanted comrade to show we are together. We are together calling for land to be returned back to its rightful owners and that is our people,” some of the members told SABC News after tensions were diffused.

Inside the hall, the hotly contentious issue of land ownership was going on. Hendrick Moletsane (52), from Mankweng, outside Polokwane, says he has enough farming resources. All he wants is a piece of land and a title deed. He says the land in question is around Tolwe farming area in the Waterberg district. He says with ownership of land he can create jobs and keep hunger at bay.

“All I am asking for is land and a title deed. I will use the little I have to farm. I don’t need any money. I have some tractors but there is no way I can farm on other people’s land. I really need my own land.”

Meanwhile, Committee Chairperson Dr Mathole Motshekga is happy that this time around people were behaving inside the hall after leaders of their political parties called them to order. He says most people called for land to be shared amongst all South Africans.

“We are absolutely confident that the way in which the meeting started orderly and the way participation is proceeding in an orderly fashion we will get the desired outcome. That is is the matter of record which is coming out clearly from the public hearing throughout the country. We want the people to say it for the record themselves,” he says.

Limpopo marked the end of the committee’s tour to the country to consult members of the public on the proposed national policy for government to expropriate land without compensation.