Creative has taken on a whole different type of meaning by Ronzzie M

When one merely utters the words “creative”, it’s easy to think about the likes of Shakespeare or Frank Sinatra, who needless to say were geniuses at their designated crafts, their art forms have stood the test of time and it goes without saying that they were the embodiment of creativity but much like the title of this article says, creativity has taken on a new form, in this case it has taken the form of a lucrative clothing brand that is the brain child of Gift Maluleke and his designated business partners (inclusive of Khani Hanyani) who have hit the ground running and created a clothing brand that is as much quirky as it is optimistic!!

Not only is creative brand cc, a brand that is youth friendly but it has its roots embedded in Tsonga tradition and heritage, this is very much evident in their use of colour which is a nod to the lovely use of colour that can be seen exuded in traditional tsonga garments.

Creative brand cc is  also a brand that is environmentally savvy, using the extinct dolphin as their official brand ambassador, it’s clear that they care about the environment in which they live and operate in, Creative brand cc is also a brand that cares about giving back, earlier this year pre the covid outbreak they visited a local school in the surrounding areas of Malamulele to hear about some of the psychological concerns of the youth in the area and to also inspire hope and give back by means of giving out sanitary pads and gear to deserving learners of the school as a beacon of hope and to inspire them to reach beyond the stars.

Creative brand cc is a brand on the rise and they most definitely are a brand that has the vibe, they are growing in leaps and strides and their growth is one that is most exciting because it is authentic and is telling of their natural ambition and drive to becoming globally recognized as a brand that can stand the test of time and be seen as a brand that can put Limpopo on the map and change the narratives around Limpopo as a whole.

For more information reach them on, Facebook: creative brand. Instagram: creative brand CC, Twitter: creative brand CC or email them @creative brand CC