DA delegates have until 5pm to vote for a leader of their choice

Democratic Alliance (DA)  delegates
 have until 5pm to vote for a leader of their choice. Delegates may vote from their homes or at scores of venues set up across the country.

While the voting takes place the party is debating and adopting or rejecting proposed constitutional amendments. These include amendments on a number of values and principles, on whether to create a deputy federal leader position, establish a governance committee to advise DA governments, limit the terms for senior office bearers and a program of action towards a zero-carbon economy among others.

Interim Federal Chairperson Ivan Meyer says: “We have established a constitutional review committee and any matter that requires the constitutional amendments have been referred to the constitutional review committee. They have certainly processed it according to the process, so anything in the constitution as it currently stands is something that people can make amendments.”

DA Chairperson of the Constitutional Review Committee Kevin Milehouse has explained to delegates how amending the party’s constitution will work. Over 2 000 delegates are participating in the conference.

The proposals include those pertaining to early or distance voting for future meetings, media and social media policy and conduct by members, the party’s youth age limit and how the branch leaders should behave.

“Amendments to the party’s values, principles and program of action require 80% of registered delegates to vote for it in order for it be adopted to apply to amendments 1 to 5. All other amendments require two thirds support of those present at voting at that is clause 13.1 of the constitution. I will monitor these requirements and see where they are achieved.”