LIMPOPO- “COVID 19 has left a devastating trail of economic destruction throughout the globe. President Cyril Ramaphosa recently tabled the South African Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan to fight the adverse effects of the COVID 19 pandemic. Limpopo province, as part of the global village was not spared, hence the development of the provincial version of same which is at an advanced stage.

In a concerted effort to accomplish the developmental aspirations of the people of Limpopo, Premier Chupu Stanley Mathabatha signed Service Delivery Agreements with all his MECs today. These Service Delivery Agreements set out clear, measurable and achievable targets that will ensure improved service delivery in the wake of unemployment, inequality and abject poverty exacerbated by the scourge of the coronavirus.”

The agreements are informed by government’s adoption of the outcome-based approach, each department’s mandate, Premier’s State of the Province Address (SOPA) and the Limpopo Development Plan(LDP).

Collectively these agreements will reflect government’s delivery and implementation plans for its foremost priorities. Furthermore, this undertaking will inculcate a culture of constant improvement in the public service. The agreements will be reviewed annually so as to be refined in accordance with lessons learned and challenges experienced during execution. This will therefore empower the Premier to hold the MECs even more accountable in this 6th term of administration.

“The signing of these agreements is an indication of our commitment to accelerate delivery of services to our people. Part of the deliverable for our MECs is the issue of service delivery, and good governance. The annual assessment of MECs’ performance will, therefore, include the issues of sound financial management in their respective Departments. It is all hands on deck” said Premier Mathabatha.