Clarity of pictures of blood on the bathroom floor of Zebediela Hospital circulating on social media

Limpopo department of Health has noted pictures of blood on bathroom floor taken from Zebediela Hospital circulating on social media platforms and would like to clarify the public.

“According to our investigations, the blood is of a male patient who was brought to the hospital by a private vehicle with a history of drunken stab wounds. The patient arrive late hours of Sunday night. Instead of going to casualty the patient end up in the bathroom and had a blackout. The patient was bleeding profusely. The staff in casualty was informed where they intervene and took him to casualty where he was resuscitated and stabilized. Suturing to arrest the bleeding was also done and patient was admitted in our male surgical ward where he is currently recovering in high spirit.

As per the norm, the bathroom was also cleaned immediately after the incident.

It is unfortunate and regrettable that some malicious individuals decided to take pictures while everyone was still busy saving the life of this patient to try to name and shame our employees. It is important to remember the Psychological damage this kind of grandstanding does to those healthcare workers who took care of this patient and also who clean the environment.

We want to remind the public that we are still in level one lockdown and the curfew is still on. No one is allowed to be out there drinking in the middle of the night. Let’s observe COVID 19 regulations.”