Twenty three (23) arrested for attempted murder of businessman and two of his employees at Gandlanani village in Giyani

LIMPOPO- The Provincial Commissioner of Police in Limpopo Lieutenant General Nneke Ledwaba has strongly condemned the conduct of community members of Gandlanani village in Giyani, who went on the rampage on Sunday and took the law into their own hands and torched properties belonging to a businessman and two of his employees.

This is a response to disappearance of a 25-year-old Mahlori Maluleka who was reported missing on Saturday, 08 August 2020.

They had reportedly consulted a songoma who in turn pointed out the three men as the ones responsible for the disappearance of the victim. Subsequent to that, they assaulted, burnt and dragged him to the house belonging to the businessman’s mother where they torched it together with three vehicles which were parked inside the garage.

However, the Puplic Order Policing (POPs) with assistance from the Airwing were able to stabilise the situation, they managed arrest twenty three(23) suspects and more are expected to be arrested.

“We condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the vigilante actions manifested by the community of Gamdlanani village and nothing will be left to chance when hunting down the remaining culprits. Community members are urged to assist the police in searching for the missing person and desist from taking the law into their own hands,” concluded General Ledwaba.