Magashule warns Hawks against ‘Hollywood style arrests’

African National Congress (ANC) Secretary-General Ace Magashule has warned the Hawks against acting irresponsibly, with what he calls ‘Hollywood style arrests’.

Magashule says they locked horns with the Scorpions for such behavior, but says it seems as if the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation has adopted the same methods.

The ANC Secretary-General, who is reported to be on the radar of law enforcement agencies, says he will continue with his party duties until the Hawks visit him.

Magashule had more on his mind than vote canvassing as early campaigning begins ahead of the local government elections next year. The highly-publicised arrests of high profile politicians, business people, and government officials in the asbestos Free State case, doesn’t sit well with Magashule. He says they erode the accused’s dignity.

A politically and legally embattled Magashule says the era of Hollywood style arrests must end.

“They should never do that because that’s what we fought the Scorpions (for) and it’s not the right thing to do because in the public eye they actually find you guilty. Can they act responsibly for all of us, for all South Africans? It doesn’t matter how strong they feel,” says Magashule.

Magashule says he has written to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) seeking clarity on whether his arrest is pending.

He says he is yet to receive a response.

“No, my lawyers, I am sure I will engage them. I see things in the media, and let’s leave it there.”

Asked if the Hawks are taking aim at him, Magashule responded, “Let’s wait and see.”

The ANC Secretary-General says he is not scared, but cautioned law enforcement agencies against being drawn into politics.