Mpumalanga shop assault case shelved to next Monday

The Carolina Magistrate Court in Mpumalanga has postponed the bail hearing against three men, who face charges that include kidnapping, assault, defeating the ends of justice and murder.

The three – William Wimpie Viljoen, Hannes Terblanche, who work at a supermarket chain store and Obi Nortjie, from a private security company – allegedly kidnapped two men and assaulted them at the shop’s store room in July.

The state is opposed to the three suspects getting bail. It argues that there has been a public outcry from the community as a result of the incident. The prosecution also stated that the three accused had wiped the blood of the victims at the crime scene.

However, the defense has argued that the public shouldn’t influence the court’s decision. It stated that the public has no knowledge of the circumstances of the case. According to the defense the principle of innocent until proven guilty should be considered.

Meanwhile, the family of the deceased says the law should take its course. Mother of the deceased, Meisie Sibanyoni, says her son was the bread winner of the family.

“I am heartbroken in the manner my son was assaulted and died. Since then, I am not okay emotionally and mentally. He was the one looking after the family after I lost my husband last year.”

Nortjie, who works for a private security company is facing two kidnapping charges. Viljoen, the store manager, faces charges of kidnapping, murder, assault and defeating the ends of justice. Terblanche is accused of defeating the ends of justice and murder.

One of the victims reportedly succumbed to head injuries in hospital. The matter has been postponed to next Monday