Bray residents near Vryburg threaten to boycott municipal elections

Members of the community say they are tired of empty promises from the government.

Residents of Bray, near Vryburg in the North West, have vowed to boycott the upcoming municipal elections, if an RDP housing project in their area is not completed. They accuse the municipality of not fulfilling its promises of providing them with basic needs such as houses, water and sanitation. Now members of the community say they are tired of empty promises from the government.

“The government must come to complete the houses, RDP houses, because if they will not come to Bray and complete the house I will not vote because I do not have a house now.”

“We urge to the leadership that all the outstanding services and burning issues pertaining Bray community, please they must come and consult with the community and convince them otherwise, so that we can go for smooth local government elections.”

According to the provincial Human Settlements department, the project which started in 2013, was abandoned by the contractor.

“We realise that the people in Bray have been waiting for quite a long time and we apologise. It was not of our own doing and we are trying to resolve this matter. We are in consultation with a service provider to try and see if they can unblock the project,” says Head of the Department, HOD  Neo Sephuti.

“We are hoping that on or before the end of October our discussions with the service provider that we are talking to will be completed and we’re hoping that on the 1st of November a gentleman will be on site to try and unblock this project and ensure that the people of Bray like others, are able to enjoy the homes that are complete, that are of quality as is dictated by the housing code,” Sephuti adds.