One Movement South Africa launches economic recovery plan for the country

The Leader of One South Africa Movement Mmusi Maimane says South Africa needs an agile, competent, and future-oriented state to overcome its political, social and economic challenges.

He was speaking at the launch of his movement’s 20-point economic recovery plan entitled: “Review, Repurpose, Rebuild, Reform: A bold plan to turn South Africa’s fortunes around.”

It focuses on corruption, the economy, job creation, education and state reform.

Maimane says the plan is a comprehensive set of specific interventions that seek to revitalise the economy post the COVID-19 pandemic. The organisation is calling for all leaders to unite in rebuilding the economy. Maimane says the current economic model has to be reviewed.

“South Africa’s economic model is outdated and belongs in the bygone era. In truth, it still largely resembles the pre-1994 concentrated model, a small political and social elite (often overlapping) and an ever-growing underdeveloped citizenry.”

The economic plan also focuses on the empowerment of South Africans.

“The establishment of a Jobs and Justice Fund would amass empowerment funding from business and distribute it to real empowerment initiatives. This includes bursaries, school infrastructure, mentorship programmes, apprenticeship, training and land reform programmes in order to bridge the gap between power and potential.”