Kirsten, Vermeulen extend contracts at Chiefs

Loose forwards Jannes Kirsten and Jacques Vermeulen are part of a group of 30 players who have had their contracts extended at Exeter Chiefs ahead of the new salary cap in English rugby.

With Premiership clubs agreeing last month to cut their salary cap by 1.4-million pounds from the 2021-22 season, the Exeter Chiefs Director of Rugby Rob Baxter decided to re-sign as many top players as possible. This includes the clubs’ stars such as Scottish international Stuart Hogg and English stars Jack Nowell, Luke Cowan-Dickie and Henry Slade.

Vermeulen, who joined the team from the Sharks and Kirsten, who came from the Bulls, have already made a significant impact at the club and will continue their run for the next few seasons.

“I’m delighted with what has happened. It seems strange really, because there has been an awful lot of news coming out from other clubs in regards what is happening around pay cuts, players leaving, players staying, yet we have got on with our business pretty quickly,” Baxter told the club website.

“In the end, we used that period between the salary cap change being discussed and when any new contract that would be allowed in the new salary cap system to be finalised to sort something like 30 contracts.

“They are all different and not one of them is the same. It’s meant us having individual discussions with players and agents, but in the end I feel like we’ve all got what we need out of it. They are not all four-year deals, nor are they all one-year deals, but we feel we have done the right thing in kind of backing this group of players.

“This group have worked extremely hard for us and while there are always one or two changes each year, everyone knows we are relatively fluid and that we don’t tend to change a lot of players. We have got a group here now, many of whom are around that age group of 26-27, and barring one of those tragic serious injuries that can happen in rugby, we feel we should get a really good three or four years out of this group.

“Actually, with the majority of them, we feel they will continue to improve and we will indeed get their best rugby years out of them. I think that gave me a lot of confidence to push through with this – and when I spoke to Tony [Rowe] about it, it gave him a lot of confidence to allow me to talk to the majority of the players about would they like to think about extending their contract with us.”

“You are always looking to the future and this time of year is normally when you tend to start talking to players about extending contracts,” added Baxter. “What happened with all these changes merely accelerated the process a little bit for us.

“As I said, I’m very happy with what we have put in place. Not every player has got an extension, but those who haven’t received an extension, it’s kind of irrelevant because they are players who may well be thinking ‘let’s see how the next year goes and where I stand’.

“With those guys it doesn’t mean they will be leaving, but because we have ourselves in a salary cap position where we are pretty well settled for a few years, we also have that little bit of room that if a player does decide to move on, we can replace them.

“Looking at the work we’ve done, we feel we have a group here now who can achieve an awful lot together and it feels fantastic that we gave them the opportunity to stay together and do that.”