Duduza resident Lunga Maseko shares his coronavirus story

The number of coronavirus cases is increasing in South Africa.

A Duduza resident, in the East Rand of Gauteng, Lunga Maseko recently tested positive for the coronavirus and he shares his story, after receiving his test results.

“What went through my mind is that I’m in trouble. I was anxious and I was sweating. But I had to calm myself down because I know a lot about the virus, because there have been discussions about it in the news. And now, I had to think back, to whom was I in contact with, to inform them as quickly as possible,” says Lunga, explaining how he felt after receiving his test results

The number of coronavirus cases in South Africa continues to increase. More than 260 000 people have tested positive for the virus. 3 971 people have succumbed to the virus.

So far, Gauteng accounts for 35.2% of the total number of coronavirus cases in SA, with Johannesburg and Ekhurhuleni as the epicentres in the province.