Despite the number of the masses infected and those that lost their lives due to COVID 19.

Bill and Melinda Gates in one of their interview video that was circulating on social networks, brought the mass attention and lead them to conclude that he’s the master behind this pandemic and he is preparing another pandemic 2. He went on and said “we’ll get a tension this time” on their interview they looked so happy about this.

On the 4th of July 2020, The Honourable minister Louis Farrakhan issued a statement warning all the Presidents of Africa to not fall for Bill’s trap COVID Vaccine, because they aim on depopulating the masses through vaccine. “We need to call a meeting of our skilled Virologist, Epidemiologist, students of biologist, Chemistry,” He said.

He went on and said that they need to give themselves something better, they need to examine the vaccine. While South Africa President are quite about the vaccine trial conducted by the University Of Witwatersrand, because Bill Gates funded the project to test the vaccine on humans.

With the research conducted, Bill Gates Foundation has literally been making young African girls infertile with his vaccine.

By Ntsako Mabunda