Durban family distraught after loved one die of COVID-19 complications

Wife of the deceased, Tracy Harman says they took all the necessary precautions.

The family of a Durban man who lost his 29-day battle with coronavirus (COVID-19) says they were shocked when he passed away as he tested negative a week before he succumbed to his death.

Anton Harman spent a month on a ventilator in hospital fighting for his life. Despite stabilising, testing negative and his condition improving, he died of COVID-19 complications at the age of 54 on May 21.

Wife of the deceased, Tracy Harman says, “My husband was concerned about catching the virus and he would obey all the rules. I’m an essential worker and he would come fetch me, we would wear our masks, I would sit at the back of the car. We took all the precautions.”

Meanwhile, South Africa has registered a record number of new infections for the second day in a row with 7 334 new COVID-19 cases, bringing the country’s total confirmed cases to 138 134 on Sunday.

The Western Cape still has the bulk of the total cases, accounting for 43.8% (60 445) of the country’s COVID-19 confirmed cases.

A total of 43 more people have succumbed to the virus, bringing the country’s total deaths to 2 456.

Dr Zweli Mkhize said in a statement that the rapid rise of COVID-19 cases means that the country is approaching its peak.

“We are seeing a rapid rise in the cumulative number of positive COVID-19 cases indicating that, as we had expected, we are approaching a surge during the latter winter months of July and August. It is anticipated that while every province will, unfortunately, witness an increase in their numbers, areas, where there is a high economic activity, will experience an exponential rise, beginning with Gauteng and Western Cape and followed by Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal,” reads the statement in part.