GBV at its peak, Wisani Mathonsi killed his girlfriend and killed himself too

Limpopo- 27 years old Ntwanano Shisana from Bungeni village outside Louis Trichardt was killed by her boyfriend Wisani Mathonsi( 30 years) on Saturday evening. Wisani Mathonsi killed himself after killing his girlfriend, both their bodies were found inside Wisani’s vehicle parked on the side of the road.
The level of GBV cases increases each day, women are being killed by their trusted partners.Women are living in fear, they fear for their lifes, the lifes of their children and of other women.
“The more we talk about it the more it increases, we even fear to leave our children with men because we don’t know what is in their minds. One minute they are happy the next minute they are out to kill.”
Mr President says they will strengthen laws to provide greater protection to victims of gender-based violence and ensure lengthy jail sentences for perpetrators. This doesn’t ease the fear installed in women by men, this doesn’t solve any problem as they keep on increasing.
“The day South African Government realizes that the only solution to this is Death Penalty we will keep going in circles with hashtags.”

By Sefoka Nthabiseng Mpelegeng