The application for Zuma to testify at the State Capture Commission is before the courts: Zondo

Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo briefed the media on Wednesday on the work of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into allegations of State capture.

Chairperson of the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture, Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, says the application to get former President Jacob Zuma to testify before the Commission is before the courts.

Zondo was updating the media on the work of the Commission during the national lockdown.

He says the lockdown has effectively stalled the process to force Zuma to testify.

Meanwhile, Zondo says the lockdown has also set back plans for President Cyril Ramaphosa to appear before the Commission.

“I had planned that President Ramaphosa would be asked to come to the commission around July, that was before the national lockdown happened. [The] lockdown has forced us to rearrange things … so it’s going to take some time before he appears,” adds Zondo.

Zondo Commission to resume hearings at the end of June

The commission is set to resume its work in the last week of June.

Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo says there are just a few issues that need clarity such as interprovincial travel for witnesses.

The Commission will also have to conduct its work differently and cross-examination will be on specific points.

“There is no reason why we should not be able to resume hearings, either in the last week of June or the first week of July. We are going to make preparations to do that,” says Zondo.

Those who are accused of corruption, malfeasance and State capture will soon be finding themselves in the hot seat again.

Witnesses to alleged corruption will also be back to help shed some light.

But, the Commission Chairperson says it will not be business as usual because of the COVID-19 pandemic.