Skeem Saam’s Charles Maja hailed as loving family man

Charles Maja has been buried in Ga-Maja outside Lebowakgomo in Limpopo.
An actor well-known for his television character as Big Boy Mabitsela on Skeem Saam, has been described as a dedicated actor and a loving family man.

Charles Maja has been buried in Ga-Maja outside Lebowakgomo in Limpopo. Maja started his career in 1996 and featured in several television and radio dramas. The deceased also wrote radio dramas and taught aspiring actors.

His daughter, Molagare Maja says they will always celebrate her father’s legacy.

“My father is at peace now. So, I’m not really sad or in that pain. I’m celebrating his legacy and the legendary that he was … very peaceful person, he can’t pretend. He just says whatever it is as it is. So, the talent that he has … he always cherished and loved what he was doing from the bottom of his heart,” says Maja.

Meanwhile, the late actor’s family has been fined R5 000 for breaking lockdown regulations after the number of mourners at his funeral service exceeded the permitted 50.

Some of the mourners stood around the tent, which had limited chairs.

Police officers removed everyone who had crossed the red tape that was used to cordon off the area where the tent was erected.

They expressed concern that those who were standing had illegally entered the area, which led to the family being fined.

There was also unhappiness that the service was taking too long and some of the items on the programme were removed due to time constraints.