It is possible to have it all, Moruti Wa Lehipi

LIMPOPO- Christopher Tshekiso Moteodi(34 years of age) a well known Kwaito music singer who won 2019 MEMA award in North West province. Christopher was born and raised in Itsoseng township near Mafikeng.

He started music at the age of 7 through her aunt who was in a clap and tap choir, and he started writing his own songs in 2003.

“She used to take me to her choir rehearsals so what they were reheasing captured my heart and i ended up knowing each and every song. My aunt saw me dancing and singing, she took me to their practices so i can sing for them. That’s where it all started” said Chistopher

His fans calls him “Moruti wa Lehipi” because he is not only a singer but a pastor at Acient of Days Ministry, he is a motivational speaker, counsellor and a book writer. Mingling music and pastoring was never easy for him at first until he accepted that he was called to be a minister of gospel. He struggled with getting protection not because he was not good but because he was running away from who he was.

“The reason behind the struggle was because i was running aaway from my spiritual gift of being an apostle and a prophet”.

Christopher says he was afraid of how people will look at him because of his choice of music instead of gospel music but he made a covenant with God that he is not like other pastors, he was called for people not for church and its protocol so he will continue with music and serving him at the same time.
“I perform everywhere even in clubs but God still uses me, it even scare me sometimes”

He says to all young upcoming artists out there, be yourself and do not copy what others do. He made sure that he created a good environment and relationship with other artists and producers he worked with so they can be productive and work in peace which is something one can do.

The aim is not to remain a local artist but to be an international artist, he says he have a hunger for African continant audiences and more from the rest of the world. It is possible to have it all, what God wants you to do and what your heart desires.

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By Sefoka Nthabiseng Mpelegeng