Young Vibrant and talented Tsonga Female rapper, Gee Maltown

LIMPOPO- Amukelani Patience Nukeri born and breed in Malamulele, a young talented Hip Hop singer well known as Gee Maltown. She is an Electrical Engineer student at Tshwane South College and also pushing music at the same time.

“I grew up around people who loved music, it was hard for me to ignore the calling”.

Her love for music is natural and she was also influenced by the likes of Nicki Minaj, Gigi Lamanye and Rouge. Gee Maltown started writing music back in 2014 she then started recording in 2017. She is a young talented and vibrant singer that her music can’t be unnoticed.

“There was a time where I was exploited in the name of promotion, people tend to take advantage of upcoming artists without a manager” said Gee Maltown.

One of the challenges she encounters is getting sponsor/promoters but with the help of a friend she is pushing her music. She released her first song in 2017 “Yimani nyana”, she used social media to promote it.

She performed in events like EFF’s anniversary, Maltown picnic anuals and many more. She did her own version of Dumi Hi phone by Sho Madjozi and named it Dumi hiphone cover where she reached 50 00 views on Twitter, she tends to keep her audiences by giving them good music with or without promoters.

South Africa is a country full of people with talents but disadvantaged because they are getting no help from our leaders. We need considerate and active leaders who sees the best on our artists and upraise them.

By Sefoka Nthabiseng Mpelegeng