Malamulele hospital workers picketed the hospital gate in demand of water

LIMPOPO- Ealier today, Malamulele Hospital stuff picketed their hospital gate, they are protesting for shortage of water in the hospital. This have been going on for three weeks and the workers decided to stand up and fight for patient’s rights.

This is affecting both the workers and patients. Crucial areas that are mostly affected is the theater, they are failing to operate people because there is no water, patients are also struggling with taking their medication.
“Nurses tried their level best to make sure that they help patients with water by fetching water outside the hospital and some patients have to buy water for them to take the medication” said Mr Makhubele

The borehole in the hospital premises is not working, the hospital management called for help so they can fix the borehole but there is no guarantee that it will work, it is said that the borehole never worked from the start. The management said they have consulted the department of water and sanitation in Malamulele so they can help solve the matter at hand.

“It is sad to see nurses sending the patients back home because of water especially for those patients coming from disadvantaged areas. They have to use public transport to get to the hospital only to be turned back without receiving any service” said Mr Makhubele

The pickets hope to get positive response from the management as soon as possible because they can’t work and keep their patients in an untidy environment. Some patients need operations and it is also not good for those who can’t buy water everyday. Hospitals are special entities that need to be in good conditions always.

By Sefoka Nthabiseng Mpelegeng