“never die in silence”

langutani Advocate Rikhotso is creative and innovative young woman born Chavani village outside Elim under Makhado municipality and currently stays at Alexandra . she matriculated in 2019 from Kwabhekilanga secondary in Alexandra.

lanngutani is a poem writer and a motivational speaker, all of this started after she found her self in a horrible situation where she was allegedly raped in 2016.

she started writing her poem in 2017 based on what she went through and also to encourage and heal herself. she believes that expressing your self through writing can take away your pain and heal you through the traumatic situation.

Advocate has faced few challenges in her life which include getting someone to publish her poems and a person who can help her manage her work and expose it to the audience.

“at some stage i didn’t have a lot of confidence with telling my story that i was raped, but ever since i met Climent Shirinda i have gained a lot of confidence and no longer ashamed of my past” she said.

what motivate her is her passion of writing and believe that her poems can heal other victims and found courage through them.

Her wish is to publish her book and have her book as one of the books that can be used to teach leaners at school. she also have her biggest wish which is to be the best author and continue writing and record her poems.

langutani wishes to have her own YouTube channel so that she can be able to motivate even the victims that she doesn’t know. she has up to so far wrote 35 poems

Her words to other victims is that they must not die in silent, they must not be afraid of judgement, they need to report and get someone to talk to like social workers.

by Hlungwani Shihlamariso