De Klerk needs to find ways to redeem himself: Lapsley

Social Justice Activist and Director of the Institute for Healing of Memories, Father Michael Lapsley.

institute for Healing of Memories, Father Michael Lapsley says former apartheid-era president FW De Klerk needs to be a much greater listener to the pain of the victims of apartheid.

Various groups and parties are calling for De Klerk to be stripped off his Nobel Peace Prize despite an apology and retraction of his earlier remarks on apartheid.

Speaking to SABC News on Tuesday, Father Lapsley says De Klerk will need ” to take the initiative and go to communities and be willing to listen to them if they are willing to listen to him because people are very doubtful about his sincerity…”
Also reacting to De Klerk’s apology, struggle veteran, Sheila Sisulu, suggests that De Klerk be forced to spend time with the real victims of apartheid.

De Klerk retracted the statement that he released on Friday after the EFF demanded that he leave Parliament where he was attending the State of the Nation Address. Sisulu says his apology is too little too late.

“So he got into a hole and he’s still trying to dig himself out of it and he’s going deeper and deeper he better just apologise retract and do time. You know, do time working with people to understand how hurtful what he said was.”

Last week during a televised interview with the SABC News, the former deputy president said he did not believe that apartheid was a crime against humanity. This was followed by condemnation from political parties, civil society and South Africans on social media.

Many feel it is a case of “too little, too late” as De Klerk’s comments have angered many South Africans.