Minister Motshekga orders schools to admit illiterate and illegal immigrants.

LIMPOPO – Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga orders schools in all Provinces to not exclude uneducated and illegal immigrants from their schools. This was long discussed but it was not yet implemented in all schools.
This is ruled by Judge President Selby Mbenenge in December and it was approved by the minister. ” We hope to see the full implementation of the circular. We will also be visiting schools that have been known for making admission difficult for migrant children” says African Diaspora Forum spokesperson.

The decision made by Minister Motshekga and Judge President Mbenenge is debatable, this is another way of opening the gate for immigrants to come in numbers.
“Admitting them here is not a good idea. How many are they and how many will want to come in here in the name of getting education once this is fully implemented? Things are getting worse instead of closing our boarders they are opening them.” Anonymous

“SA’s schools (public of course) are in no position to take up an influx of children- we can’t (don’t) afford to. With the level of corruption in the country, this will only put more strain on taxpayers. Let’s first fix the already existing schools, create a good learning environment… We don’t have resources to accommodate our own, we can’t afford to take up undocumented kids from other countries. There surely would be so many of them, education in countries like Swaziland and Zim is expensive so you can imagine just how many kids we’d have to accommodate.” Anonymous

It is also a good idea to admit them, every kid have a right to education, giving them good education is remarkable investment and that might change the state in their countries in few year to come.

By Sefoka Nthabiseng Mpelegeng