“it’s not in the land it’s in the man”, Recite your own poetry

LIMPOPO- Bandile Magibili from Alphabetic Art in partnership with Hotel Osner invites all poets from all racial groups in South Africa and neighbouring countries(age 15-40) to participates in the art of spoken word where the champ will be afforded an all expenses paid trip to EUROPE for 5 days.
The aim of the competition is to nurture and discover new poets in South Africa and other countries, and to create an international poetry network. It is also aimed at showing other poets that it’s not in the land it’s in the man, they can make something out of this.

“We want other poets from elsewhere to realize that it’s not in the land it’s in the man. This platform teaches poets to plant those greener pastures(green pastures they search for in big cities)” said Bandile Magibili

Recite your own poetry started in 2005 by Bandile Magibili. He was also a poet and saw how one can change his/her life for the better through poetry. He saw it fit to encourage and invite other poets all around the world. He believes that if he was able to do it others can also do it.

One of the greatest motivation was Eastern Cape, he wanted to bring change for people of Eastern Cape, to show them that they can get where they want to be and nothing is too small to take you to your destiny.

“I was a poet as well, I used to perform at school which enabled me to register for my information technology diploma. I thought if i was able to raise funds through poetry others can also do it so they can finance their own lifestyles” said Bandile Magibili

To participate contact/WhatsApp/sms the Organizer, Bandile Magibili +27 78 167 0719( your name & surname, contact number and province/country)
Facebook: 2 B BLACK

By Sefoka Nthabiseng Mpelegeng