ANC hopes to raise enough funds to address its financial challenges

Paul Mashatile acknowledged that the ANC has some financial challenges.
African National Congress (ANC) Treasurer General Paul Mashatile says he hopes that Friday’s Presidential Golf Challenge in Kimberley will contribute to addressing the party’s financial challenges.

It will be followed by a Gala Dinner, where ANC President Cyril Ramphosa will deliver a keynote address.

Ramaphosa didn’t attend the Golf Challenge because his party says he needs time to relax before delivering the ANC’s January 8th statement on Saturday.

In December there were claims that the party didn’t pay its staff’s salaries.

Mashatile acknowledged that the party has some financial challenges.

“The ANC is a very big organisation; we have lots of problems and challenges. The golf and contributions and the dinner surely will contribute to some of the resources that we need but we will continue to do other forms of fund-raising. But yes it’s a good positive step towards contributing to our finances.”