Matric IEB top achievers attribute achievements to hard work

Fadzai Ngwerume who is the top achiever at St Dominic’s Priory School in Port Elizabeth achieved a 99% pass rate in mathematics and a distinction in all her other subjects.
Matric learners who have performed exceedingly well in their IEB exams say hard work and diligence pays off.

Durban’s Clifton High School’s top achiever Naail Suliman says hard work and dedication got him seven distinctions in his 2019 IEB exams.

Having a special passion for Mathematics, 18-year-old Suliman excelled with a 91% aggregate.

The national IEB pass rate for this year is 98.2%, having dropped slightly by 0.80% from 98.8% in 2018.

Suliman says the behind his achievement is hard work.

“At the end of the day, matric is all about hard work, you just have to put in the effort. You can’t only be focused on academics and work, you have to have a balance and that is extremely critical. You need to have a balance to really relax your mind and let your mind breath and that is very critical. But at the end of the day, it comes down to really hard work and putting in that effort every day and it will pay off in the final.”

Meanwhile, the top two learners of St Dominic’s Priory School in Port Elizabeth have expressed their joy after scoring numerous distinctions and straight A’s in Mathematics.

Fadzai Ngwerume achieved a 99% pass rate in mathematics and a distinction in all her other subjects.

Karl Schaberg, who is the second-highest achiever, scored 94% in maths and got eight distinctions.

Both of them say hard work and putting in the late nights pays off.

Joshua Jankelow from Crawford College in Sandton obtained ten distinctions.

Jankelow, who wishes to study Economics and Finance abroad, says every studying opportunity has to be treated like it’s the last one.

“You have to treat every studying opportunity as though it’s your last. Whether it’s a class test or just a cycle test, you have to study thinking like this is your only opportunity to absorb the content. What helped me through in aiming for distinctions throughout the year is that I meditate every morning and evening, I pray every morning and evening. I try and commit to the things I do any other day. When you allow yourself to panic about the other things you should be doing, then the time when you’re living in the present isn’t as valuable,” says Jankelow.