As of the 1st January 2020, the Jeleni Royal Family has taken back their rightful place as the leaders of the community that has been erroneously known as Makumeke Village for years, and the village is now correctly known as the Jeleni Village. The Jeleni Royal Family has been in existence since 1939 in the Malamulele area; however, the Jeleni Royal Family’s existence can be traced back to early 1800 in South Africa and are part of the larger Mabunda clan, and within the Mabunda clan their traditional leadership can be traced back to mid 1400 in the southern Africa.

To the Jeleni Royal Family, the year 2020 will always be filled with joy and emotions, given the rough journey they had to go through for more than two decades in an effort to take their rightful place which was twisted by the former Makumeke headman during the formal registration of traditional leadership under democracy. The former Makumeke Headman was a regent by agreement with the Jeleni Royal Family.

While the Jeleni Royal Family is overjoyed, very little can be said for an average person in the Jeleni village (Previously erroneously known as Makumeke Village) as the village has been in a very bad state of governance under regent Headman Makumeke, and therefore, the Jeleni Royal Family has prioritised putting corrective measures in place to ensure that the following are corrected by end of January 2020:

• Lack of water, while the mother to the former regent headman Makumeke has constant water supply.
• Lack of stand numbers and proper ownership papers for residents.
• Lack of development with potential to create jobs, and unfairness in access to job opportunities.
• High crime and lawlessness.
• Uneven funeral contributions and lack of systems and standardisation.
• Failure to hold meetings with community members to hear their cries.

As a first step towards addressing these pressing challenges, the Jeleni Royal Family will hold their first community meeting (Xiviju) on Sunday the 5th January 2020, at the Makumeke Primary School at 8:00, wherein the above will be discussed and commitments made to have them resolved by end of January 2020. All residents and interested parties are invited.

The Jeleni Royal Family is committed to serving the people, and we invite all who wants to partner with us to join us and make Jeleni Village a better place by making sure that we have people centred governance.

Issued by the Jeleni Royal Family
Jeleni!!!!! Mhlave!!!! Mabunda!!!!!, a nga sunguli munhu, u langutisa lava va nwi sungulaka