We condemn the acts of intimidation towards the Jeleni Royal Family as displayed by a small group of people claiming to be loyalist of Mr Sydwel Maluleke-Makumeke, this is after the Jeleni Royal Family announced taking back their rightful place as the leaders of the Jeleni Village (Previously and erroneously known as Makumeke Village). These barbaric and cowardice acts of intimidation took place on the night of the 3rd January 2020, wherein Some of the group members went as far as removing the sign boards installed by the Jeleni Royal Family, while some staged a solidarity protest at the gate of Mr Sydwel Maluleke and hailing insults towards the Jeleni Royal Family.

We would like to believe that these unfortunate acts are not engineered and supported by Mr Sydwel Maluleke as bid to avoid vacating office, as he and his family through our intensive engagement understands that royal leadership issues are not based on popularity or support one enjoys from people, and we therefore hope that Mr Sydwel Maluleke will tell his loyalist to desist from intimidation tactics.

We have also become aware of members of the community who were angered by the intimidation tactics, and we would like to appeal to them to remain calm and allow the Jeleni Royal Family to address royal leadership matters peacefully. We want to assure the community and all interested parties that we are following necessary processes with regards to changes in royal leadership, and we started by engaging the Maluleke-Makumeke family, and Hosi Mavambe together with his Traditional Council, and then after we engaged COGHSTA, all this in the year 2019. On the 2nd of January 2020 we engaged local SANCO, and we agreed with them on our next step which is to engage the whole community on the 5th January 2020, it is in this platform we hope all community members can raise their concerns directly with the Jeleni Royal Family. We must emphasize that SANCO is a neutral representative of the community and SANCO has assured us that they will remain neutral and will do all within their power to ensure that the rights of the community are protected during the royal leadership transition.

We are aware that leadership transition can be stressful to all parties concerned, however it is a necessary part of redress as enshrined in our constitution and our right as the Jeleni Royal Family to get due redress, and the sooner the better to end this long standoff. Nonetheless, and in a bid to minimise the impact on the community, we have decided to prioritise the community and focus on resolving burning issues in the community, i.e. Lack of water, Lack of stand numbers and proper ownership papers for residents, Lack of development with potential to create jobs, and unfairness in access to job opportunities, Uneven funeral contributions and lack of systems and standardisation etc.

Therefore our meeting tomorrow at 8:00 at the new primary school will focus on the community and we extend our invitation to the community and concerned parties to focus our efforts towards addressing the above, while the Jeleni Royal Family deals with the transition together with all leadership structures.

Issued by the Jeleni Royal Family,
Jeleni!!!!! Mhlave!!!! Mabunda!!!!!, a nga sunguli munhu, u langutisa lava va nwi sungulaka