Butterworth water crisis at critical stage

Residents at Butterworth wait in long lines for long hours for water
The Eastern Cape town of Butterworth has passed day zero and boreholes are also not providing adequate water. The region has been in the grip of a severe drought for around five years.

The dry conditions have been linked to the effects of climate change. Their water woes started as far back as 2015, but it has been critical for the past six months.

The town is at “day zero” as the Gcuwa dam is bone dry and now emergency measures like boreholes are also failing. Residents are demanding that government step up its efforts.

“It has been rough. The one plan that the government has come with is boreholes. We are told not to consume the water. My four-year-old gets rashes from the water.”

“We are billed every month but we don’t have running water at our homes,” says a resident.