First annual RonzziTilers beauty pageant and music showcase

The first annual RonzzieTilers beauty pageant and music showcase was a success after being held at Xitlhelani Village, Tshabalala hall on the 17th of December 2019. The event was organised by Ronald Mhangani (Ronzzie M) and Leontile Chauke in association with MCTV. The guest judges Rhulani Mhangani, Vongani Dumela, Lunghile and Tshikani Halata looked astonishingly beautiful, together with all the contestants, the programme directors ‘Vafana va moya’ and the audience.

The aim of the event was to give back to the community by grooming young girls to become what they wish to be in future. Not only was it about grooming the young girls, but was also about promoting local talents. Local artists were given a chance to perform their music and entertain the audience. “We wanted to empower young women especially in the days that we live in, we wanted to be a voice of young women, create a platform where we can celebrate women and let them know that there are powerful in their own being and that they are capable of so much more than just being a housewife. We also wanted parents to begin to see their children as powerful women who can influence change, not only in their communities but also in the world”, says Ronzzie M.

Leontile stated that the event was actually meant for charity. Initially, the plan was to start a charity organisation whereby they would go to schools and give out sanitary pads to the girls. “I would like to congratulate the girls who won and to also encourage those who did not win to continue doing the best for the community. We are really looking forward to working with the girls in order to achieve the initial plan hopefully in the year 2021”, says Leontile. She went on further to explain that the event was not up to her expectations since they were hoping for a larger crowd, but she was grateful for how successful it was either way. Leontile is positive about the second annual Ronzzietiler’s beauty pageant which will be in 2020 as she believes that they will get sponsorships that will help in grooming the young girls and giving back to the community.

Rewards were given to the best judge, the queen of the pageant, first princess, second princess, miss charity, miss beauty with brains, miss humanitarian, business woman, melting butter and the king of the event. Prices won were goodie hampers and certificates.

Tinyiko Hlayiseka who took three titles, one of being the queen, miss charity and miss beauty with brains explained how grateful she was for the receiving the three titles all in one day. The title of first princess was taken by Nkateko Ngwenya, Second princess by Harhiyosaseka, miss humanitarian by Ntombifuthe, business woman by Ntsako, melting butter by Twigg and The king being M-GEEZY.

Ronzzie M promised to give all the contestants of the pageant certificates of participation as a sign of showing appreciation for their courage and confidence. It was a very successful event and for more information about the second annual RonzziTilers beauty pageant and music showcase, contact Ronzzie M on 0725587611 or Leontile on 0620905636

By Glenda Manganyi