Ronzzie M is a hip hop artist but he have RNB and soul elements. Ronzzie M used to write music at an early age. Around 2017 he started recording his first track, but in terms of recording, he really took time to observe the whole industry and he promised that he would only start the journey once he is fully ready for it. It been two years now in the music industry but he feels like it’s for ever because he wanted it for so long.

The challenges that he faces as an artist is that it takes time to make good music but he keeps on trusting himself and trust the process when he start recording a song. He said that realising music is a long process so he makes sure that he do his best to realise hot music. Most of his audience they are shocked when he realise his music because of the kind of rap that he does but eventually they end up loving his music.

Ronzzie M said that he was motivated by an old school artist he used to listen to, that where he realised that he has a gift. He said that he loved gangsta rap and also love artist who express themselves through music like tupic and biggy as they are his role models. Music of Ronzzie M is recorded at moose and promise production. You can get his music at sound cloud, data files host and also through WhatsApp at 0725587611. And at Facebook.

Ronzzie M advices those who want to join the music industry that they must trust themselves trust the process, be kind and also take their time. He also said that people must learn to be always be true to who they are and never stop living their life to the fullest.

He grew up in Vanderbijlpark. That where he grew up and learned a lot about people and music. Ronzzie M is not just an artist only he is a TV host and executive producer at MCTV. And he is also busy studying a degree in social worker
On the 17 of December he will be hosting an event of a peagent and musical show case around Malamulele at Tshabalala hall. It’s going to be a platform for the youth of Malamulele and the surrounding areas to showcase their talent, first and fresh-he said,’

He also said that if you want to be successful in life you must always be kind to yourself, always be true to who you are and never stop living your life to the fullest, he ended.

By Dumisani Happy Maluleke