Chikane to testify at the commission of inquiry into State Capture

The State Capture Commission will resume with testimony from the Reverend Frank Chikane
Former Director-General in the Presidency, Reverand Frank Chikane, will on Tuesday give evidence at the Commission of inquiry into State Capture.

Chikane was director-General during the Thabo Mbeki presidency.

He was part of a forum of Director Generals that drafted a memorandum in 2016 calling for an inquiry into State Capture by the Gupta family.

He is expected to shared some light on how he got to know about the Gupta family and their alleged dodgy dealings.

Right on the heals of his evidence will be Leutenent General Yolisa Matakata, former acting Head of the Hawks.

On Monday South African-raised politician and former British MP, Lord Peter Hain told the commission that it would be of global significance if the South African government were seen to be acting against corruption.