Fiki Diamond grew up in a church surrounded by singing people; he was a drums player at church. From school desk to church drums. Today he is an Afro-pop artist and he exposes his voice to be heard both nationally and international as he partner himself with international singers.

Fiki Diamond was born in Limpopo at Malamulele but he grew up in Gauteng. He stated singing at a very young age when he was at primary by playing school desks. So singing has been in his blood. For now he has released a single track which you can get it on you tube when you search by typing fiki diamond.

Fiki Diamond has not yet released an album but soon he will release it and it will be called Do Something. He said that his audience is rushing him to release the album but they are delayed by him being slow in writing and composing the songs.
The are some challenges he faced when composing his songs, he said the challenges are the way to put his expression and words into a rhythm and good tune that people will love. He said that it took him a month to composed 1 song and for now he has composed 8 songs which had took him 8 months. Fiki diamond records his music at hot wave production.

Fiki Diamond advice those who want to join music industry that they should prepare them self for the challenges of rejection, criticism, and to overcome by being connected to the people who can take them to where things are happening.
Besides of being an artist he is also a motivational speaker where he started it around 2006 where he used to stand in public and motivate his fellow school learners every morning at assembly. He also do investment, he is a person with passion.

Published by Maluleke D.H