Government is willing to give Eskom financial assistance

LIMPOPO- load shedding seems to be South Africa’s biggest challenge.

MPs held a meeting to come with a lifetime plan to help Eskom, Eskom doesn’t have financial problems only but also the leadership skills, the leaders are unable to negotiate with their coal suppliers. They get their coal at a highest price than a market relevant price per ton.

The government is willing to provide financial assistance to Eskom. Minister of Finance Tito Mboweni says they must work hard to get government’s attention and funding.

Load shedding doesn’t affect our day to day programs only, it also affect our economic status. There is a lot we can loose by just a short period of time.” load shedding contributes to investors unease at a time when we are trying to attract more domestic and foreign capital to South Africa”. ACDP MP said a special ad hoc committee must be established to oversee Eskom to ensure that the conditions of the bailout are complied with.

President Ramaphosa says “if you don’t pay, you are part of the problem”. He says we must help each other to save and improve our nation, those who are not paying must start paying so we can reduce the challenge we are facing. Eskom is owed huge amount of money by the individual users, they must know that they are contributing to the problem and they must put it to an end.

Eskom needs to come with strategies to counteract this challenge.

By Sefoka Nthabiseng Mpelegeng