Nancy Maringa, “It’s about changing lives and uplifting souls”

1. QUESTION: Let’s start with your music, where and when did you start with your music, what encouraged you to sing gospel music?

ANSWER: “I was 11 years old when I realized I could sing well, people around me always talked about my good voice so I joined the worship team at Malamulele Central AFM. I am a Christian and I grew up in church, that’s what encouraged me”.

2. QUESTION: Singing at church is the only thing that encouraged you? And how did you manage from such an early age, you had your personal life and family to take care of, what strengthened you?

ANSWER: “I was strengthened by the passion I have for music. As I grew up I started to compose my own songs and I was not intending to share my songs but my son heard me singing one of the song and he asked when am I going to release an album. That also encouraged me to see that there are some people who loves what I have. I have a husband and we are blessed with three kids, I am also a teacher at Magangeni Primary School, I balance my time and make sure I give my full attention to all aspects”

3. QUESTION: When did you release your first song or album, how did you feel that your talent is out there for everyone to see and what were you thinking it will do to people? What did you hope to achieve?

ANSWER: “I released my first album in 2016 at Nusound Studio, after releasing my first album I developed a satisfaction feeling. I felt I could reach all people through music, I wanted everyone to hear my music and I wanted to minister to every soul, for healing, life changing and for soul uplifting and I got that. People do love my music and it is changing lives”.

4 QUESTION: What are the challenges you encountered after releasing your first album? What was your remedy when you met the challenges?

ANSWER: “I encountered them I was invited to a place to minister. I realized that my ministry was being undermined when I was given a less time to perform and they did not give me much attention like others. Another challenge is when people started to make copies (pirate) of my music rather than buying. Those challenges kept me going, I couldn’t let them know that what they do gets to me plus I also kept my focus on why I started singing.”

5 QUESTION: Do you expect more than what you have already achieved? Do we have to expect more of your albums?

ANSWER: “yes, I am expecting more because I realized I can compose more songs than I thought I can and God is revealing more to me. My talent is on another shape now and I believe that it can take me very far. I believe that I can release an album every now and then until I decide to retire”.

6 QUESTION: You are one of the nominees on Best Gospel Song of the Year, how do you feel and what are your expectations on that?

ANSWER: “I feel as if the gap that I had for a long time in my heart concerning my music is going to be filled because I have got a strong feeling that I am going to win this award. I have people who love my music and they do give me full support, I feel it is the time God has assigned to make my music known in the world”.

7 QUESTION: Now tell us about this journey, what you can say to those who want to embark on this journey. What to expect?

ANSWER: “To those who want to embark on gospel music journey don’t hesitate to share what God has given you. Go out there do the best and ask/seek help to those who knows more. Connect yourself with people the same talent and vision so you can go far. Pursue your dream and never allow any hindrance stop you”.

Thank you!!!

By Sefoka Nthabiseng Mpelegeng