University students seek for peace

University of Venda- Monday the 16th, Univen students shut down the university activities to fill University auditorium to address students grievance in pursuit of peace. There are many cases of robbery and rape in the university premises and the university management is not resolving these issues. Many students reported their issues to maintenance but nothing is done so far.

“I was robbed in the university premises, I went to maintenance to report the matter hoping that I will get help ASAP but they advised me to go to police station. I ask them to check CCTV footage only to find that there are no cameras on the side of the scene. We are living in fear in the place that we thought we will be safe”. – Anonymous

Minister of legal had to face the management to submit the grievance of students so they ensure safety in the premises.
“if you walk around the campus there are so many place without cameras and lights, we are not supposed to be in a place where female students can’t walk around campus because they fear for their lives. We are supposed to be protected and protect our ladies. We must change the policies so we can also deal with the culprits because most of them are roaming around because the management is lenient to them”. – SRC Minister of Legal
University promised students to resolve this matter and also work with Thohoyandou police to make sure students are safe.

By Sefoka Nthabiseng Mpelegeng