Dros rape case: NPA says little girl did well

JOHANNESBURG – The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) believes the testimony of the little girl raped in the toilets of a Dros restaurant last year is crucial to the case.

On Tuesday the eight-year-old survivor of the Dros rape was performing a school concert, but on Wednesday morning, the little girl had a very different task telling a closed court about her rape ordeal last year when she was seven.

The NPA says she did well, refuting some of the testimony of the accused.

“Remember that in his plea explanation he says he acted impulsively, and as the state we had to prove to this court that he had an intention when he followed the child. In his statement he says the child found me in the bathroom. But we are glad that the child gave testimony that says he’s the one that followed me to the bathroom. So we had to prove intention that by following the child, he already had the intention to go harm the child,” said Phindi Mjonondwane, NPA Spokesperson.
On Thursday the court will hear closing arguments.

By Ntsako Philmah Gana (Supplied)