Nigerians left with no choice, but to flee SA

600 Nigerians forced to flee SA, Godwin Adamu, Nigerian counsel general finally takes an offer from Nigerian Airline owner to Airlift Nigerians from SA. The first flight will take about 320 Nigerians on Wednesday the 11th, another one will follow after that. The violence in SA left everyone in shock and fearing for their lives.
SA citizens walked out on Sunday when Mr Mangosuthu Buthelezi was “trying to suppress a riot” over foreigners, it is clear that SA citizens are not willing to listen to anyone this time. Not only foreigner’s fears for their lives, even SA citizens are left in fear.
12 people were killed and over hundred shops were destroyed, there is no guarantee that nothing more will happen as they are adamant on kicking foreigners out of SA. The violence is the results of competing for local jobs, foreign-owned business were attacked.
“We are working on the better processes together with the king so that the government can go to the hostels to arrange the ‘imbizo’ so they can address the concerns of people who are grieving. We need to be fast so that we can deal with this violence it cannot be only the police and the law enforcement, there should be some social mobilization, they should bring everybody on board so they deal with the matter together” said Minister Bheki Cele.
Minister Bheki Cele calls for unity so that we can put an end to this matter.

By Sefoka Nthabiseng Mpelegeng