Charlize Theron speaks out against GBV and femicide in SA

Charlize Theron spoke out about gender-based violence and femicide in South Africa after Lady Skollie posted a 20-year-old video of the actress. In the video, Theron speaks about how she was asked what South African men are like and responds with statistics from 1999 including the fact that more women are raped in SA than anywhere else in the world.

She also mentions that one out of every three women will be raped in their lifetime, every 26 seconds in the country a woman gets raped and that the rest of the men seem to think rape isn’t a problem. The “Atomic Blonde” actress ends the video by saying: “It’s not that easy to say what the men in South Africa are like because it seems that are so few of them out there”.

By Ntsako Philmah Gana