Generations: The Legacy – Sneak peek into Manaka Ranaka & Kope Makgae’s wedding

The long wait is now over, Generations: The Legacy’s Lucy Diale (Manaka Ranaka) and her long-time boyfriend, Mrekza (Kope Makgae), are getting married with a wedding that is expected to be eye-catching in front of their friends and relatives.

As if for the sake of showing-off; Mrekza wants it to be out of this world, red carpet, live band, real and fresh flowers, among other things are what he is dreaming of. He also wants the wedding catering to be done by a celebrity chef.

In sharp contrast; the bride would have been okay with a simple one. But, she will let it be, to her husband’s taste, his dream wedding. Move magazine got a look at the drama.

At one time Mrekza seemed not concerned about get married or taking Lucy for a soulmate. Sometime during the course of their relationship, the pair were once not to talking terms and had broken up a few weeks ago.

He however, noticed how difficult it was for him to cope with life without his girlfriend and how much she loved him, the businessman re-traced his footsteps and proposed to her.

The proposal, Mrekza’s idea was to take her by surprise, he wanted to propose to her in a restaurant full people cheering on them, but when they visited the restaurant, Mrekza found out that he had made a reservation for the following week. No place for them.

Instead, he did it in the parking lot. Lucy was caught off guard, she loved it, and she agreed, though she did not wanted to get married.

“Lucy didn’t want to get married,” Manaka explained: “If it was up to her, the wedding would have been a small, intimate affair, but Mrekza wanted the whole thing big.

For Lucy, it was a cherished dream, to be with him again.

“If there is one thing she is excited about it’s being with him.
“Because of her stubbornness, she could have easily demanded a small wedding but this is what she decided to sacrifice for him and their love,” added Manaka.

Their wedding is a two-day affair, she was almost upset to notice that Mrekza is nowhere to be found on the morning of the white wedding. He enjoyed the bachelor party a little too much but finally came, to Lucy’s relief.

As drama may has it, just in time the pastor asked if there was anyone who did not want the marriage to proceed, Mrekza’s ex-girlfriend, Hope, walked in. Thank God, she just took a seat
without any disruptions.

As if that was not enough, Lucy’s daughter, Lesedi (Luyanda Mzazi), showed up at the wedding heavily pregnant.

The unsettled teen was sent to the Eastern Cape to stay with family. At that time, she had not yet told her then-boyfriend, Crazy J, that she was carrying his child.

Lesedi joined the wedding celebrations undercover in a big hat and dark glasses to avoid being noticed. Is she here to stay?