A model in the making from a small town called Malamulele section B. Halata Tshikani (23 years old) (Tshikybabe),I realised that am into modeling when I joined Miss Mabeke around 2014 and made it to the second princess… I then joined Miss Techniven 2015, the people whom encouraged me were Takalani Muthige and Ronewa Nemakonde, I then fell in love with being a model.

I met with Thembani Mabunda of purple leaf studios my photographer who made me believe in myself and that I can make it even if am from a small town, In addition I hosted an event of Miss HIV/AIDS around 01/12/2017 that’s where I realised that am passionate when it comes to modeling. 2018/12/23 I hosted Miss Collins Chabane and it was a success even though I had my flaws of sometimes feeling like giving up.

I want to give thanks to all those who believe in me especially my family, friends and my photographer. I also thank God Almighty for the talent that He granted me. I believe in phrase that says “Working together we can do more”. I thank you.