Conflict of Generations

Every 40 years is a generation buileded with a specific psychology due to the available knowledge and resources of that time, scientific researches and achievements, religious breakthrough or backsliding, this and others contribute in making a generation psychology, behavior, superstition and beliefs. That generation would then influence the world to a certain direction at which the next generation will have to pick it up there.

Since old time Africans were people of tradition and culture and it used to influence them on building each generation, and because each generation was raised under the similar strategy or formula of life their results will always be more or less similar to their ancestors, same approach, principles and ideas of life? Their world at that time was a slow world that was not easy to embrace changes and in fact most changes that was exposed to them was treated as taboo before the generations that had fixed ideas about everything I mean name them marriage, initiation school, religion, dressing code, and many more…….

This Knowledge would be passed from generation to generation, in the name of culture and tradition, and since they applied same principle and same formula they keep having same results, and their results helped them to study the consequences of the tradition and culture for a long time till they find solution to it, let’s take medicine for example, there was no such thing as “there is nothing that the doctors can do about this patient, its now beyond them.” In the African culture they seemed to know everything, till we develop a saying that “This is not a doctors sickness, can only be handled only in an African way.

”Most of such sicknesses were not just sickness but results of social behavior, beliefs and generational blood crossing errors (e.g albinism) but the point is they seems to be on top of their game with their world, they knew the causes and how to avoid them, by teaching and grounding the coming generation under the same principles and formula….

So it was easy for coming generation to look at the older generation as role model and in terms of harmony and respect between the two generation.

It was easy to raise a child then than now, but what broke this harmony and respect between this two and create such a conflict till maybe the other party has to bow down to this giant even though there are not certain of the results. Let’s put it this way, Modernization: could not come unless there is a scientific achievements that leads to change of society behaviors, like an example cell phone, it change the entire picture, people used to visit one another, why?

They missed each other’s voice, faces, behaviors and because of that they would visit one another, but now a cell phone can do that without you moving or visiting, then the social life or behavior had to change, people stopped visiting anymore, here is other things that goes with it, that you may not easily see, when people stopped visiting it also made human being loses a human skills of receiving visitors, you say “how” your children are the explanation of that how, you have to teach them to greet a visitors in their presence, oh hoh….. you see, most of new generation they don’t like visitors, they feel like a visitor is their freedom being taken away, they don’t understand why they should be quite because there is a visitor, or why they should not be normal as other days, to them is being held hostage because of what a visitor.

But to old generation, that is manners, “oh that son or daughter of my cousin is raised well, they were at their best behavior all the time, not changing channels while we are watching something, standing in front of us while we are eating. After the visitor is gone your children will mostly ask you what was the visitor doing in the house, and you say maybe they have come to tell me that my uncle is sick, and your child would say they could have called, SMS, Whats App, email, etc., and you would say oh you don’t say such news over a phone, your child will be like really, what planet are you from?

But to the old school that’s how its done, we visit we don’t call, what are the other effects on the same thought, they would usually when the visit found out certain things that you can never be told through a phone, like the husband is physical abusing you, or your wife no longer cook for you, or you are sick, or living in the worst of poverty, I mean today someone can just write a status or put their old photo while they were in Nandos and you would assume all is well, your sister but seriously suffering in marriage right now but because you saw a status of her and bae in Durban you think all is well.

Then the younger generation will then call the old generation “old fashion” and you also your child will call you the same because they will live under another scientifically psychology of their day which you would call it with names such as “the world has come to an end.” But this conflict keeps continuing and looking at what really makes the other generation to really look at things in a very different perspective from the other. One of it is media, after science has discover or made an achievement’s in whatever category be it engineering, digital, or even medical, they now introduce it to the world of entertainment through media, which is the most language that young once understand it better than any language.

If you give children anything in a form of entertainment their more likely to receive it, so science introduces how they want people to think I n the next forty years, through drama, movies, music, and books, so when this was introduced to rigid Africans and and traditional starch people they couldn’t follow but their children was still soft and tender to be shaped in any way.

So they tend to watch how similar genders can be in one marriage, due to how science can install certain hormones to a certain gender to behave like the opposite gender, and find possible scientific answers to natural questions, then john and john are best actors who are married in this soapy, and it’s your child favorite, the next thing your child will tell you that mama I came back with john we are in love, to the child psychology nothing is wrong but to you oooooh the world has turned back on me, from you it’s your neighbour, then it’s a community, to a national spirit, and it will be a serious conflict. You go to church the old pastor is preaching against his children behaviour, everywhere seems to be a tension based on what scientist has introduced.

This conflict has break some families, churches even communities there and there, some taking side with it and some fighting it, and who is right and who is wrong?

This conflict is right under you house, you experience it and sometime you feel like the world is moving and has left you behind and there is know place for you in this world. It’s made for young people, just know this your children will feel the same with their children, and it will never end because it’s a prophecy of the old time book that in the later time children will be disobedient to their parent not God, this means it includes a very parent regardless of religion.

By Mukhethwa Munjele

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