Muvhango 14- 18 January

Tenda and Didi fear the worst when Tshamano goes AWOL. Seretse encourages Gugu not to back down.Imani struggles to explain to Lethu about Ranthomeng’s departure.
14 – 18 January
The police have no lead on the Royal murder. Thobile defies Moliehi’s orders. Imani is shocked to hear that Lethu is not coping with his loss.

Gizara and Mulalo need to be taken in for questioning. Gugu and Moliehi get into a catfight. KK tells Imani to be patient with Lethu.

The ancestors reveal to Mpho who the murderer might be. Moliehi’s gangster puts a cold knife on Gugu’s neck. Rashaka announces to his family that he’s leaving.

Mpho confronts the murderer but he loses it and holds her hostage. Mme Mashigo avenges for what happened to Gugu. Rashaka leaves for Kenya.

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Muvhango. Credit: Supplied