2018 MML Literature Award Winner

Musa Baloyi was born at Mhinga village in Malamulele. He is a Xitsonga award winner book writer. He rocked the nation with his Vutlhari Bya Lunya in 2016. On the 30th of November 2018 he received his first prize in Xitsonga at MML Literature Awards (Maskew Miller Longman Literature Award) with his book titled Nyimpi Ya Miehleketo which was held in Cape Town.

Nyimpi ya Miehleketo is a Xitsonga novel which tells us about Freedom Mabasa’s political life. After completing his N6 Mechanical Engineering qualification, he received his apprenticeship Boilermaker training at the company called Hall Long More.

After his training, he started participating in union activities where he was elected as a shop steward. He became active in such a way that he became threat to management. The company had endless strikes. Management tried to offer him a bribe, but he was not a biased.

There was a point where shop steward planned to kill their Human Resource Manager because they thought he is a stumbling block of their issues. Freedom did not go with the plan. He decided to look for the other job so that he will stay away from the conspiracy.

However, even though he got a new job, the shop steward went on with their plan. They hired a gunman to shoot an HR Manager, fortunately he survived the shooting.

Freedom had to blow a whistle by informing the South African Police Service anonymously who is behind the killing.

The police arrested all of the Hall Long More shop stewards. Freedom become a shop steward to the new company because he believe that is his calling.

Musa Baloyi started writing while he was young, and inspired by legends such as CM Lubisi and WR Chauke who wrote school prescribed book. Growing up at his grandmother’s guidance, boosted his language optimally. He also thank his high school Xitsonga teachers, Mr MK Mkhacani and Mr MC Mathonsi for equipping him with an everlasting language practice.

Musa is a well-known poet who have been given a chance to participate at Evangelical Presbyterian Church in South Africa (EPCSA). He is called ‘Rural Poet’ to those who love and inspired by his poems. He won a Second prize with AVBOB’S centenary celebration poems in 2018, which was published at I WISH I’D SAID book.

Musa is available at Facebook page, Musa Aubrey Baloyi, and WhatsApp number 0734647297. He will like to thank MML for the competition which unite all South Africans.

By Shaddy Mavasa