Junxion, the new Kid on the Block

Junxion, the new Kid on the Block

JX Online and its majority shareholder ANA Gaming & Technology are proud to announce the launch of a South African and African first community based social networking platform called Junxion.

Junxion is a controlled platform which is a utility that enables users to build their profile, join their community and share relevant content via text, image or video. Our filtering functionality puts the control totally in the user’s hand by allowing the user to filter and view the content of their choice, whether it be in their community, current location, their friends or Public pages.

Junxion aims to compete on a global scale with all other major social networking platforms like Facebook, Wechat and nextdoor.com.

Our unique functionality allows users to have a complete social networking experience while still maintaining control of the content they view.

On 11 October 2018 In Cape Town, Junxion initiated a pre-population campaign for beta testing purposes. During the pre-population campaign Junxion partnered with Loot.co.za rewarding testers with Loot vouchers.

After the successful Beta Testing phase, the Junxion Team have added an array of new features. Junxion users now enjoy an enhanced Side Menu to view profiles, a

Create Pages feature and an Explore Page to find new friends and public pages to follow. The Junxion team have also added a notifications page for users to track their notifications within Junxion.

Junxion Co-founder, Lamont Hoffmeester, “I believe we are at a very exciting time for the Junxion App and Junxion Team. After the Beta-Testing phase, it has really allowed us to adapt to user reviews and make functionality adjustments to enhance and simplify the User Experience. With our new Side Menu, Users will easily navigate through the app and with our New explore Page Users will be able to find friends and interests to connect and engage with. We plan to Launch the Junxion App to Mass Market in the start of 2019 with an aggressive marketing campaign which includes specifically aligned partnered brands that are unique and authentic to the South African and African market. Junxion aims to be the preferred control platform which allows users in communities to engage with one another. Junxion will aid in creating awareness in local and special interest communities and will allow for users to be informed about what’s happening in their community and current surroundings.

Junxion Co-founder, Michael Garrett, “We’re all connected to multiple communities virtually and physically. Junxion allows you to connect to them all and view what you what, when you want. Our aim is to bring people together and to encourage constructive engagements and creating self-moderating communities. Junxion allows you the greater control over your communities and groups from finding a lift club to work, organizing a jogging group or building local neighbourhood groups to name a few.”

Junxion Co-founder, Lamont Hoffmeester, “America has Facebook, China has WeChat and its time for South Africa and the rest of Africa to unite behind a platform that allows us to share our variety of culture and uniqueness with the rest of the world. Junxion is for us and made by us.”

Junxion is live, download now on IOS and Android.

Build and manage your own community page with greater controls than other social media

Build inner circle pages with your closest friends and page members

Take full control on the placement and viewing of all your media

Junxion is more than social posts its Inner Circles and Communities

Junxion is proudly developed and supported by ANA Gaming and Technology.


For more information, please visit: http://junxion.online/

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