Madagascar’s dreams come true…

Madagascar qualified for their first time ever African Nations Cup finals after defeating Equatorial Guinea 1-0 at home on Tuesday and were later joined by Egypt, Senegal and Tunisia.

It’s only two nations that will qualify from the 11 of the 12 four team groups. Madagascar made it clear from the beginning that they wanna qualify for Cameroon next year. It is still tough for some nations like South Africa as they failed to score and beat the team that they defeated 6-0 in Johannesburg last Saturday.

Should they defeated Seychelles they would be still in the first position of group E, but Nigeria overtook them after beating Libya 3-2 in Tunisia last night.  The next clash between Bafana and Nigeria in November 17th will be a decider of whether Bafana will qualify or not. After Nigeria they will play the last game against Libya away in March 2019.