Freedom of mind

A human being is trinity being, consist of body, spirit and soul. Each of those have senses which govern them namely: body (Sight, Taste, Hear, Feel and smell.) and the spirit is (reasoning, affection, conscious, imagination and subconscious) and soul (which is either faith or doubt), and mind is a spirit senses, though many think the mind is part of the physical body, it is not; it only flows through brain. But mind itself it’s not physical, it is something that when you die you go with it, and you will be able to remember everything that had happen on the other side of life.

Every human being is born from a lineage of blood that carries race, tribal and family genes, and in that single cell of blood all the forefathers characteristics, trait and genetic disorders it’s all bundled up inside there, and therefore every human being was part of their father and forefathers who lived past us and we are more or less what they were through the hemoglobin being passed from one generation to another.

Before you can decide who you want to be and how you want to live your life, a certain nature or character is already impose to you by your own blood and not only that even the structure of your body, the identification, or the traits has much to do with the cell blood of your forefathers, though your soul is fresh from God, but it comes and lives inside structure that is already been setup, how you must walk, talk (your voice) and behave its already been setup in a single tiny cell called hemoglobin or the sperm or male blood cell.

Your soul will be controlled right there in the frequency of this genetic station, to a point in some cases if your forefathers was strong people of strong personality, you found yourself just like that, without your Individual choice in the matter, you could have like to be soft, tender and easy approachable but the gene in you by birth has an upper hand that controls you, own you, and shape you to be the person you are.

You wonder why you got so much temper, selfishness, pride, ignorance, and etc. You have inherited that from your family, tribe or race, remember every tribe had to have a Patriarch (a founder of race or tribe) like Abraham who was the founder of Israel, and we all spread from there through this single tiny cell of human blood.

Here is the issue when you are born, with these genes form your forefathers, here comes another problem: when the environment you are born into, imposes another alternative, what do I mean by that; a situation where environment makes you meet people of other tribe and race who are bit different from you, and the introduction of knowledge in your life that makes you see a better version of life, character, and personality. Your mind begins to learn, explore, and discover beyond your genes, or the nature that your soul is stuck in, you then have a war of a white dog and black dog within yourself.

The black dog is the genetic nature that you are born with and white dog is the educated mind (not in so much of academic, it also covers both social and spiritual knowledge as well) and this mind knows much better that the nature I’m stuck with, it knows what I must do when I confront with situations, but before I can apply my mind, there is a provoking dragon that rises within me and go before me, clouding my mind by its strong felt presence that controls what I must do with the situation rather than my mind that learned better.

Then my mind is a prison in my own body, cause just after the situation has passed, I realize that I should have acted the way I have always plan that I will act when I met those situation, but every time my nature beat my mind to it, and the only things I found after the situation is that am not a better person as my mind would want me to be, though my very same mind can save others, enlightened them, but I don’t have a freedom to exercise it myself, my mind is in prison of my nature only to torture me as I know I should have done better but I can’t.

My nature craves for food, but my mind knows my situation and it has learned better and I know I have to save money, by eating wisely and health, so that I don’t my kitchen does not dry my bank account, but every time I see that chisa’ nyama, the smell of food provoke something in me that is so strong than my mind and just in a twinkling of an eye I lose the freedom of mind.

If one leaves by the mind over nature, one has a better chance of becoming a better person as their mind keep learning and exploring things, by submitting their entire being to the educated mind.

By: Munjelele Mukhethwa


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