My sentiments tells me that is our Previous Administration: Someone on EWN suggestions;

1] Cut the bloated government salary bill by closing useless ministries.
2] Stop bailing out pointless SOE’s like SAA and SABC
3] If a bailout does happen, none of the staff of that institution may be eligible for bonuses or salary increases for at least two years.
4] Jail time for corrupt government employees and the companies they conspire with. There is plenty of evidence to support this.
5] Pay freezes on all Government employees for two years.
6] No more luxury overseas trips for MP’s and ministers. they achieve nothing anyway, plus there is Skype…
7] Facilitate tax relief and incentives for new companies to cut red tape and actually create the correct environment for new business to be created.
8] Legally claw back looted money from the corporates who were involved. Through tax if necessary.

Mathews Greatguru Ngobeni

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