A Series of Event

Life is a mystery that many of us are caught into it even the day that were born, were caught in a family, gender, skin colour, and nationality that we didn’t choose to be born in nor any mortality choose for us such, it was an event that no one had a choice in it, if freedom was ability to take our own choice then were born without freedom, it was taken from us the very first day were born.

Though we didn’t have any choice in this very first mysteriously event of our life, yet it set a course of our life, it conscious one to the fact that one life is predestined, foreknown, and is in somebody’s hands who has such power to choose for me, if not one will be either saying its nature or its by accident, if its nature then the question is who govern the nature, and if its accident then one can be led to self-hate and background blame cause probably you think you could have been born in a better family, have another skin colour and belong to another nationality and that way maybe your life was going to be better.

But it is this event that decide who is my mother and who is my father and all my siblings, that I didn’t have a choice to choose them, a background that I didn’t wish to be born in, But this event created another event, maybe an event of poverty, without no shelter or food, it’s a tough situation cause if I was not born in the country or family maybe I was not going to deal with poverty growing up, the event of poverty then created many more event, the rejection from community or friends, that winter morning going to school without enough clothes to keep me warm, the night I slept without food on my stomach, my mother had to sell home-made beer to feed us, the noise and the atmosphere that came with that, the peace jobs that one had to make for some extra cash.

The school I had to go to, it was event after event, as one graduates the other event one was ready to come in, required more strength, it was as if there was no time to rest in life but to battle with life obstacles that comes one after the other, but then as one gets deep into this you begin to feel that the life that you started at an event that you had no choice can now be in your hands so that you can choose where to take it from there, and plan it all out, how you going to live it, when, and where, so one develop a mental program to be the direction of this life that at the beginning I didn’t have power over it.

The mental programme now become the source of my choices, and my direction as one thinks they are in charge of it, to a point that if it was possible they would choose when to face a challenge in life and at what condition, and here its where most of event now comes that leaves disappointment and self-devaluating, because you think you are over whoever who had a first choice of your life and now you have your life back at your hands, and can control it, as you nature this philosophy you then pick a girl or a boy of your choice for love life, and what happens next your heart is broken and you wonder why? It’s another event but more driven by a philosophy of freedom and it sound not fair why I don’t get what I want at a time I want it in my own condition, and every time you try it hits back at you that you are not in control, you set a goal and you want it at a certain time but it does not look like it’s going to happen any time soon and you wonder why are you swimming in this pool of events.

But after time and time has pass and you have gone one after the other, then in the presence of consciousness you realises that you just landed into something special, your destiny, looking back to the series of events you went through, then you find out that if I join all of the event together they make one big picture that explain why I am where I am, and the things that I have achieved in understanding that without one of those event it was going to be one big mistake of life that would have made me miss the destiny I have today, some of the event came to persuade me to take a certain step which is now a vital impotence of my destiny, and some of them was blocking me to a wrong direction, which was going to make me to miss my destiny, when other events was to attract people I will need and some to send away people I won’t need.

If I had followed the mental programme that I had, now I see that it had wrong people, that I dint realise there were at that time or it had rejected people that I thought were wrong, it just had lot of loophole, what I thought was life I found out it was not, then what if it happens the way I wanted.

But here is one-million-dollar question, which integrity that made you born in that family, country, gender, and skin of your colour, that knew your destiny will need all that. The integrity that blocked your self-will, made all the events one by one to meet you in life-time till they send you right to your destiny?
That now you are so proud to pick any event and be proud of the moment, and say maybe what a mother she inspired me, when back at some point you thought she was out of the plan when you had one for yourself.
What integrity? That knew for you to make it in life you need this type of family, or with the boy or girl you choose maybe at teenage you won’t make it and right away it was blocked, that knew you needed peer rejection to be strong, single parent to be inspired?
And made series of events that later when you join them they spell one thing, “Your Destiny.”

The one that choose for you in the first event, this mysterious chooser who brought the series of events in your life, and didn’t reveal itself to you then, maybe because if it did, every time you meet an event you were going to blame it for the picture was not yet clear, but now because the picture is clear and for every event you are grateful that it came your way, you owe it that much to search for it until you find it and say, “Thank You.” And never leave its guidance or leadership because of a freedom philosophy that create self-leadership through mental programme.

By: Munjelele Mukhethwa

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